Massage styles

I practice an integrated approach to massage with the techniques I use. I see each client and each appointment as opportunities to assist in your relaxation, movement and overall wellbeing.
Deep Tissue Massage
Deep Tissue massage is one of the most effective techniques to decrease chronic pain, muscular fatigue and to assist with injury recovery.  I use a number of ‘tool’s to help facilitate muscular and fascial (the connective tissue of the body) loosening.  I will happily work with any referring doctors or healthcare providers regarding your treatments to make them as affective as possible.  My goal is to aid you in recovering movement, health and ease in your body.  For information on the current research regarding low back pain in particular, check out this link from AMTA.

Gua Sha
Gua Sha involves use of rounded edged instruments to palpate and massage the skin and deeper muscle layers.  It is helpful in injury recovery, relieving soreness,  increasing range of motion and circulation of blood and the body’s own reparative materials.  Some clients will notice a discoloration post treatment which is the ‘sha’.  It will look like tiny pinpoint red dots (called petechiae) or perhaps look like a bruise.  This discoloration will disappear in 2-4 days in most cases.  The technique has many similarities to Astym or Graston.
Hot Stone Massage
Hot stone massage can increase the effectiveness of the therapeutic aspects of massage.  Heated smooth river stones are used to lay upon the body which helps to deeply relax the underlying muscles.  The stones themselves are then used as a tool to massage even deeper into the tissues.  The heat can help decrease pain and increase circulation within the body to a greater extent then solely with soft tissue massage.  The warmth and weight of the stones calms the nervous system.   Please be aware that hot stone massage is not recommended for anyone with high-blood pressure, neurological disorders, are currently pregnant or in acute pain.
Sport Massage
This treatment helps to keep an athlete in top form, increase stamina, prevent injury and/or aid the body to recover more quickly from strenuous physical exertion.  I use a variety of techniques including deep tissue, trigger point, myofascial release, and stretching.