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Spokane FallsIf possible, please print out the client intake forms and complete them prior to your appointment time. This will help to speed your intake process if you are a new client.  Alternatively, you may arrive 15 mins early to your scheduled appointment time to fill out the required paperwork.

New Client Intake Forms

Privacy Practices

Gua Sha Consent


Do you have insurance coverage for your massage?

Currently I can only take CHP through Kaiser, PIP Cases or Motor Vehicle Accidents or L&I cases.  I am happy to check your coverage to see if your insurance accepts out of network providers though.

♦  Please contact me with the following information: Patient name, date of birth, insurance ID#, group #, insurance phone #, so I can verify your insurance benefits.

♦  Download and and print both the New Client Forms and the Insurance Packet and bring the completed paperwork to your appointment.

♦  Follow the step-by-step Guide to Checking your Insurance Benefits in the Insurance Packet.  If your insurance does not cover massage we offer a wellness time-of-service rate so that you can get the care you need.   Please be aware that you are responsible for paying if the insurance does not.

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If you have questions please contact Lynn.           503-772-4340